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Energy Audits


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Client Testimonials

Noticeably less drafty and quieter
Robin T.
An amazing job of lowering my utility bills
We were amazed at the difference
Tom B.
Significant notice in comfort difference
Andy Cozzi
It was a great deal
Jim I.
The best investment that we have made since we purchased our home
Veronica A. Garrett
Much more comfortable
Bob Salisbury

Home Performance with Energy Star

2012 HPwES INCENTIVES Available

Home_Performance_with_ENERGY_STAR_blue_logo_webHome Performance with Energy Star® (HPwES)
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What is Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® (HPwES)?

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR offers incentives to reduce both your energy costs and carbon footprint. Bright Alternatives will help you to install the most cost-effective, energy-efficient upgrades through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Program.  You can save 15-60% on energy costs and increase the comfort, safety, and durability of your home.

All NJ residents with a utility bill are eligible for the following Home Performance with Energy Star rebates.


Building and Energy Solutions

Your utility bills are increasing on average 10% each and every year.  Energy efficiency will protect you from rising utility rates and:

  • Reduce your Environmental Impact by cutting unnecessary wasted energy usage
  • Improve the quality of air you are breathing by reducing the airborne particles caused by air infiltration
  • Improve the comfort in your building by reducing drafts and keeping heated/cooled air inside
  • Improve the health and safety for you and the occupants by having your building tested for carbon monoxide, gas leaks, and proper ventilation levels
  • Increase the value of your building by lowering monthly utility costs
  • Increase your bottom line by spending less money on utilities
Typical Air Leak Areas

Bright Alternatives is a full service energy consulting company.

We offer energy assessments/audits for residential and commercial buildings that will identify solutions that reduce energy usage; the upgrades will reduce energy usage and make buildings more comfortable.

"Green" building means different things to different individuals and we will work with you to achieve specific goals when renovating an existing building or starting fresh.

Carbon analysis is an approach of interpreting everything that your building uses in daily operation that affects its carbon footprint; a report and recommendations of how to reduce this footprint are the result.

Renewable energy should be implemented after initial energy and carbon assessment is done; alternative energy technology will augment conservation and energy reduction steps.

As building technology evolves training and education are integral. We provide classroom training as well as site training to help homeowners, maintenance staff, construction teams, etc. implement energy efficient building practices. Contact us for more information.

What we do

Bright Alternatives will make your building more energy efficient, safe and comfortable.

Our team of building scientists will analyze and implement building solutions that will save you thousands of dollars on utility bills and maintenance costs year after year.

We will determine the most cost-effective package to improve your new or existing property while maximizing the use of available state and federal incentives.

Existing Buildings - Bright Alternatives investigates why you have high utility bills, discomfort due to drafts, inconsistent temperatures or sickness due to poor indoor air quality.  Poor indoor air quality may be evident to you via excessive headaches that typically occur in your home or office, runny noses, allergies, excessive dust - symptoms you would not expect with good indoor air quality.

New Construction - Bright Alternatives will help you design and build your dream project that will offer lower operating costs, improved durability, comfort and safety for the life of your building.  Proper material selection at the beginning will make it easy to maintain good comfort and healthy indoor air quaility typically with little or no added monthly expense


  • STEP 1: ENERGY ASSESSMENT – at this stage we will analyze the use of electric, water and fuel bills using a combination of billing data,  projected use estimates and energy modeling software. We will consult with you to gain an understanding of your goals and general building information.  As part of our consultation we will visit the site and identify cost-effective solutions.
  • STEP 2
    • EXISTING BUILDINGS: DIAGNOSTIC ENERGY AUDIT – During the diagnostic energy audit we collect data on the existing systems that will enable us quantify the opportunities for saving and overall building enhancement.
    • NEW CONSTRUCTION: BUILDING DESIGN SERVICES - Our building scientists will work with the design team to prepare plans for your project that optimize your site, building location and orientation, material selection and equipment that will result in 30-50% in energy reduction, improved occupant comfort, lower maintenance costs and maximum indoor air quality for the life of your building.
  • STEP 3: IMPLEMENTATION – After determining viable solutions our network of building professionals ensure proper installation. Bright Alternatives helps with the construction management of your building upgrade and/or new construction project and provide diagnostic pre- and post-testing to maximize quality assurance.  As part of implementation we provide training to operations and maintenance teams as well as building occupants to ensure the building sustains high performance operation.
  • STEP 4: POST-WORK FOLLOW-UP - one year after implementation, Bright Alternatives energy specialists will follow-up with you for utility bills to assess the effectiveness and confirm energy savings.

Get started today, by contacting Bright Alternatives.

    Home and Commercial Energy Audits

    An energy audit is the first step to determining what upgrades make the most sense for your building; it is a comprehensive method for benchmarking the current energy consumption in a building and determining the recommendations for reducing that usage.Energy auditors use a whole-building approach, which means we are not just looking at your windows or doors or HVAC system; we fully examine and test all systems in the building as they interact with each other. An energy audit is a fundamental tool in any energy-efficiency plan.

    We provide energy audits for the following:


    Why Spray Foam?

    High R-Value

    Sprayed polyurethane foam has an aged R-value up to 7 per inch (depending on the formulation and application), enabling it to provide the most insulation value in less space. SPF has the highest R-value of any type of insulation material. SPF is commonly used to insulate residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.

    Creating a “tight” building through the installation of spray foam insulation, caulking and weather stripping is the best way to reduce energy consumption, improve indoor air quality and maintain a comfortable indoor environment

    There is no better home insulating material that can seal your home from air and moisture intrusion, save on costly utility bills, strengthen your home, and protect your family’s health from dangerous mold, airborne pollutants, and allergens than Spray Foam insulation.

    Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation include:


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